Kawaii Tarot Journal

The cutest way to keep track of your tarot readings.


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Perfect for people who want to connect with their decks in a different way.

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The spreads

Day is for single-card pulls, specially those for beginning or ending the day. There is space for the card, the theme, date, thoughts, and to-do’s.

Week comes with a 7-card plus overarching theme card spread. It has space to note what was on your mind, the date, the overarching theme, and interpretations for each day of the week, and to-do’s.

Three is for 3-card spreads. It includes space for your question, the date, three cards + their names, your thoughts, and to-do’s.

Celtic Cross
The Celtic cross has the classic, long-used spread for self-development. It includes space for your question, date, interpretations for the 10 cards, final thoughts, and to-do’s.

Chronos is THE ROMANY SPREAD, with a funky and less objectifying name. The notes include space for your question, date, interpretations for past, present, and future, and to-do’s.

"Mine" includes starter blank pages for laying out and interpreting your own spreads.

Notes lists out each tarot card and includes space for writing down tallies, special meanings, notes for friends, or whatever for each card.

Buy for $25

The Kawaii Tarot Journal is the perfect gift for yourself or someone else close to you who would love for their tarot decks to be a closer part of their life!